Modern textile printing incorporates a wide variety of colorants and technologies to produce a diverse array of printed textile products at various stages in the product development process. Today, rotary screen printing accounts for the majority of cotton printed clothing; however, newer printing technologies such as digital printing and cool transfer printing are attracting attention because of their reduced environmental footprint, and seemingly limitless color and design capabilities.

Cool Transfer Printing

A process that transfers a print design from paper to fabric. A special coated paper is printed with the desired pattern which is then transferred to the fabric under ambient conditions.

Cool Transfer Print

Digital Printing

A process that applies small drops of color through print heads onto a fabric. There is virtually no limit to the number of colors or size of the request.

Digital Print

Rotary Screen Printing

A continuous method of printing in which a perforated cylindrical screen is used to apply color. Color is forced from the interior of the screen onto the fabric.

Rotary Screen Print

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